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Space Hop

/spās ˈhäp/ 

noun: space hop; plural noun: space hops; 

  1. A trip in deep space made by laborers, research workers, or scientists; especially related to work, reconnaissance, study, field trips, and education.

“The team organized a space hop to the company’s mine on 7th moon of Bathymetro.”

“Sileea’s sixth-grade students were excited for their first space hop to the Yarillian Cave Station.”


Space Hopper

/spās ˈhäpər/

noun: space hopper;
plural noun: space hoppers

  1. A person who is a member of a crew or team engaged in a space hop.
  2. A person who engages in speculative space exploration, especially to find new resources with the intent to sell or trade.

“The space hoppers retreated to the escape shuttle when the unknown life form breached the main cabin.”


noun: space hoppers; 

  1. A card game originally created by the Singko Corporation to keep flight crews occupied on long-range space hops.


Space Hoppers is a sci-fi universe.

The stories in this universe span galaxies, planets, generations and are told from the perspective of the kids at the center of it all. The Space Hoppers series jets from the top-secret Three Moons scientific research station, to Singko Academy, the preeminent boarding school in the galaxy; from the dangerous trading bazaars on Gast to the idyllic suburb of Glen Valley, USA, and then back again. 

Space Hoppers is a collection of action-packed, intergalactic, sci-fi adventures told across phones and tablets, books, card games, board games, consoles and TVs.

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