Space Hoppers Singko Academy

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Crew up in this action-packed space adventure. A 3-6 player strategy card game that’s family-friendly and filled with twists and turns.

Welcome to Singko Academy, the coolest school in the universe. You and your crew go on space hops around the galaxy to collect souvenirs. You’ll meet new friends, discover new foods, fend off a few pirate attacks, and maybe even sit in on a diplomatic intergalactic treaty session. So buckle up for a Space Hoppers adventure!

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Space Hoppers: Singko Academy Card Game

Quick Start Guide

Okay, okay, if you don’t like to read all the instructions, here’s how you can jump right in!

  • Deal 4 Crew Cards face up to each player.
  • Deal 1 Hop Card face up in the middle of the table; this card applies to ALL players.
  • Deal 2 Monkey Wrench Cards face down to each player; look at your own cards in secret; they can be played during other player’s Encounters.
  • Deal 1 Souvenir Card face up to each player.
  • Put remaining card piles, face down in the middle of the play area.
  • The first player left of the dealer picks an Encounter Card; reads it out loud; and follows the instructions.
  • Play continues clockwise to the next player who picks an Encounter Card and follows instructions. Repeat.
  • The game ends when a player has 5 souvenirs stacked on their shelf!
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Have Fun!

What’s In The Box:

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