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Sileea Siiptar

Sileea Siiptar
July 9, 2022 Singko Staff
Sileea Siiptar - Teacher - Space Hoppers

Sileea Siiptar

Head of Interplanetary Archeology
Species: Red Moonbath

As head of the Intergalactic Archeology Department at Singko Academy, she is constantly bombarded with requests for artifact validation from Singko Corporation mining finds – she loathes this part of her job. She has to ride a fine line of cultural sensitivity and institutional acquisition, and these don’t always go well together. In an effort to complete a very unique collection, Sileea engages the bazaar ship captain, Kojo Leko, to acquire it for her. But it has to be on the down-low because buying and selling they could both get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out.

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