September 5, 2022 Singko Staff

Dedocrest – History

Dedoccrest is the most popular team sport in the universe. At its core, it’s a capture-the-flag game in which two teams of 5 players alternate between offensive flag capture and defensive flag protection. The field consists of 6 floating platforms called decks. Decks vary from 2 to 6 meters across and float at various heights around the arena. Each deck has a flag dock directly in the middle, where the defensive flag lives when on a deck. The deck positions change from game to game and are designed in advance by the game officials.

The defensive flag is mobile, and one designated team member – the Flag Keeper – can carry and transport the flag from platform to platform but can’t be undocked for more than 30 specs, or the team loses the round. If the flag keeper is tagged out, the other team has a massive advantage in that round to win the flag. Therefore, defending the flag keeper is often a team captain.

Dewey - Space Hoppers

Each team member has a gyro-disc (think frisbee), which acts as a defensive and offensive tool for ‘tagging’ opposing team members. The discs can be thrown, rolled, or simply placed on the ground, and the gyro discs have a homing beacon to return to their paired owner. When an opponent’s disc touches a player’s suit or helmet, that player is tagged out for the round. Players can use their discs to block or keep other players’ discs from connecting with their or their teammates’ suits.

Teams get points for shifting their flag position between decks, creating more opportunities for the offensive team to win the flag. (IRL reference: how tennis scores progress and use it as a model. The teams can shift in and out of being in the lead and regain position by shifting their flag between platforms and risk it being stolen).

If a team member is ‘tagged out,’ they move to the sideline for the round. If all offensive players are tagged out, the defense wins the round. If offensive players capture the flag, they win the round. Both offensive and defensive players can be tagged out in any round. Causing the teams to often shrink down to one-on-one face-offs.

Dedocrest gameplay is a balletic dance of discs flying, players jumping from platform to platform while throwing and blocking their flying gyro discs as they constantly close in on the opposing team’s flag.