A Ghost Robot / Kinetic Energy Entertainment Universe


A brief introduction to what’s happening in the Space Hoppers universe.


Singko Corp (more formally known as Singko Intergalactic Corporation) is an 800-year-old mega-corporation founded by Singko Singko, a wildcatter beryllium miner. Its core business was resource exploration and extraction with its mining operations.  

But Singko Corp has expanded into everything, everywhere in the universe. From real estate to space-suit manufacturing, food production to transportation, and all forms of entertainment – including the Space Hoppers card game that’s standard issue on all long-range space hops for the mining operations. Singko Corp is relentless in its effort to exploit and dominate in every corner of the universe.

Ehilio Langstro, the current Singko Corp CEO, loves everything about being a CEO: the power, the spaceships, the fancy house on Silvertine. Ehilio even commissioned a portrait of himself with his pet slingcat for his own card in the Space Hoppers card game.

Ehilio Langstro and his slingcat


Singko Corp recognized it would need a workforce with a common educational foundation. Thus the Singko Academy (6th – 12th grade) and Singko University were born. Over the last seven centuries, they have become the pre-eminent educational institutions in the universe. 

The ultimate draw to Singko Academy isn’t just the amazing classes and stunning campus that’s the size of a small city – it’s the monthly space hops. Every student in every class goes on days-long research hops to study and learn. These hops take students to every corner of the galaxy. 


The hops range from cultural and historically focused education to experiential, scientific, archeological, and humanitarian volunteering. Each hop is a new adventure. In the students’ minds, they are explorers on dangerous expeditions – even if another class may have been on this same itinerary just weeks before.

But for the select few, when the timing is right, Academy students join University and Singko Corp scientists on space hops to uncharted territories and worlds. This is the chance of a lifetime, whispered about in the halls that captivates each student’s dreams. 

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