A Ghost Robot / Kinetic Energy Entertainment Universe


Sileea Siiptar

Species: Red Moonbath
Age: 43

As head of the Intergalactic Archeology Department at Singko Academy, she is constantly bombarded with requests for artifact validation from Singko Corporation mining finds – she loathes this part of her job. She has to ride a fine line of cultural sensitivity and institutional acquisition, and these don’t always go well together. In an effort to complete a very unique collection, Sileea engages the bazaar ship captain, Kojo Leko, to acquire it for her. But it has to be on the down-low because buying and selling they could both get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out.

Zella K'Io


Species: M-Billu
Age: 13

Zella is a star student and represents the exact opposite of every stereotype of M-Billu people and she is very proud of that. She actively challenges students and teachers alike and annoys everyone with constant reminders of their own prejudices. She does not believe the M-BIllu have to be quiet, reserved, beautiful, elegant and that their wings are only decorative. She is a walking personal rebellion against 1000 years of culture.

Hamjo - BioBot


Species: Biobot
Age: 100 years

Hamjo is not your average teacher-bot. In fact, his initial two years as a teacher-bot were such a failure that he was moved into every other job imaginable from resort tour guide to a high-security customs officer. But now, 30 years later, he’s back at Singko University and working for a former student, Sileea, who is the head of the Intergalactic Archaeology Department.  Sileea conscripts Hamjo as an undercover operative to help her find evidence of a long-lost civilization – and chaperoning an Academy field trip to Earth is the perfect cover for their top-secret research mission.


Species: Pilvi
Age: 13

Davs is a gaseous cloud. At Singko Academy, and on Earth, he wears a balloon suit to keep himself contained so he doesn’t blow away. Davs parents have made it well known, that his time and Singko Academy is limited. They don’t like it and they don’t want him there, but they know it is good for him. They expect him back to work at the family business – a plant refinement farm – as soon as he turns 16. Davs doesn’t want to go home, he hates the family business, he wants to find another path in life, but he doesn’t know what that could be. His entire life has been so sheltered at home that he can’t see the rest of the world in front of him.


Species: Deboran
Age: 12 years

Zero is a pain in the neck. He’s a smart-ass, he’s a prankster. He has no problem laughing at other people’s expense. He’s also a very smart student and very resourceful and even though it’s a boarding school, he thinks of Singko Academy as his home. He’d live there forever if he could. But he’s now one big slip-up away from being expelled and sent back to his home planet.  


Species: Human
Age: 17

Magnus is a wheelchair user and personally built and coded his glasses into the most advanced AR headset in America.  Graduation is filling him with existential dread, but the dread of leaving school and going away to college is overshadowed by his crush on Polly Summers, and his window for letting her know is closing fast.

Yoli Rayo

Species: Human
Age: 13 years

Yoli Rayo is hesitant to embrace Glen Valley School as it is her 5th school in 5 years and she knows she won’t be here long. But Yoli’s celebrity-scientist parents are visiting fellows at Glen Valley School’s particle collider and to her continued annoyance, their spotlight also shines on her. She’s a transfer student who doesn’t like to sit still, she likes to figure things out on her own. She likes to ‘do’ things. She likes to try, iterate, fail, try again. She learns from her mistakes and experiences and she writes it all down in her journal.

Napoleon Goo - A Super Villain

Napoleon Goo

Species: unknown
Age: 200 years

Napoleon Goo, the super-villain, wants to tear it all down. 

She is made up of a hyper-intelligent network-hive of microbes. She’s tiny, smart, powerful….and has been bobbing along listlessly through space for years since her world was accidentally vacuumed up by the super-thrusters of a Singko Corp long-range hauler. One day, as luck would have it, she collides with a patch of toxic goo stuck to the windshield of a Singko Academy research ship bound for Earth. She harnesses the toxic goo into a wobbly, gelatinous body, one that she isn’t very good at controlling yet. With this newfound form and a years-old chip on her shoulder, she is intent on revenge against the people who destroyed her microbial world.