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Singko Academy
Card Game

This turn-based, competitive card game throws you into a non-stop adventure around the universe! 

Welcome to Singko Academy, the coolest school in the universe. You and your crew go on space hops around the galaxy to collect souvenirs. You’ll meet new people, discover new foods, hit the beach, and maybe even fend off a few pirate attacks.

Game Basics

  • 3 – 6 Players
  • 10 – 20 minutes of gameplay per round.
  • Choose your crew.
  • Select your Hop.
  • Draw encounter cards to engage in gameplay
  • Throw a monkey wrench in other players’ plans.

Space Hoppers Card Game

The game includes 201 Cards + 30 Tokens + The Rules Booklet.

Crew Cards are the building blocks for success. Who’s on your crew makes all the difference. The skill points, job type, and crew species affect your encounters’ outcome. Throughout the game, you get chances to swap crew members or lose them altogether!

Winning all comes down to the Souvenir Cards. The Souvenirs are super-cool items from around the universe; collect five on your souvenir shelf to win the game.

Monkey Wrenches bring the chaos and crank up the fun.

You can play these bad boys anytime to shift the playing field, steal crew members, hijack Souvenirs from other players, reverse gameplay direction and more.

Hop Cards redefine skills and souvenir points in every game. The hop type modifies your crew skills and adjusts the value of your Souvenirs. Play one Hop that applies to the whole table. Or, to mix it up, play with one Hop for each player.

Encounter Cards are the engine that drives the game forward. Players take turns drawing Encounter Cards which determine if they will get a chance to win a souvenir or clash with another crew.

Keep tabs on the ever-changing direction of play. Plus this Legend Card is also a handy visual reference for the skill icons on the Crew Cards.

Your Souvenir values and crew skill points may adjust from round to round. Keep track with these Modifier Tokens.

Everything you need to learn the game.

Read the Card Game Rules

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The Card Game Team

Ghost Robot

Creator / Writer
Zachary Mortensen


Kinetic Energy Ent.

Executive Producer
Diana Williams


Blu Studio

Art & Design

Check Out the full credits list on the Team Page.

Space Hoppers: Singko Academy is the debut game built on the Slingshot Game System by Orbiter & Rover.